The Warm Water Butt Club

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The Warm Water Butt Club“…..

Now, there’s a catchy post title! That ought to keep the Search Engines busy!………

But seriously….

A few days ago, the wife and I were Christmas shopping at a large area store. The wife was off doing her thing, and I was pushing the cart, doing my thing. Suddenly, I had the very distinct sensation that warm water was pouring down the backs of both of my legs.

For a person with bowel issues courtesy of CES, this is no laughing matter.

It’s even worse when your entire butt and most areas of your legs have been completely numb since getting CES nearly 15 years ago.

I hurriedly pushed the cart to an empty aisle and proceeded to feel the back of my pants, knowing full well that I had probably just had a massive diarrhea episode without any warning.

Nope. Everything was dry as could be. Everything was dry, but I still had the sensation of warm water pouring down the backs of both numb legs and even my butt had the sensation that I had been sitting in warm water.

I just chalked it up to another freak CES gift and went on with my shopping.

Well, it’s been three days now, and here I sit at my computer chair, sitting in warm water, with warm water pouring down both legs. The sensation is still there. For the past three days I have been shuffling around, constantly patting my butt and legs, worried that I indeed had a major accident, all to no avail.

I sure hope this is not a new wrinkle that CES is going to bless me with for the rest of my life because this is going to drive me crazy! (Short drive for me!)

I told the wife and she says I need to go see the Doctor, but my first instinct is “Why? What can they do?” I’m 99.9% sure that they can do nothing and will just chalk it up as another weird neurological side effect of the CES.

So, a few questions for you out there in CES Land.

Do any of you have this same sensation?

Are you also a member of the exclusive “WARM WATER BUTT CLUB“?

And, have any of you seen new sensations that have popped up, YEARS after your initial CES diagnosis?

Out of all the wonderful symptoms that CES has graced my doorstep with, this is an entirely new sensation for me. The numbness is still present in the butt and legs, meaning you could stab me repeatedly with a rusty fork and I would feel no pain, BUT, I would feel this odd sensation that I am sitting in a small tub of warm water.

CES really hurts my head!

** On another note. Weeks ago, I had posted that the wife and I were headed off to New York City for a vacation and that I would post how I did once we got back. Well, the trip was rescheduled by the tour company until April of next year due to Snow and Ice here in the area on our original departure date.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…….. I need to go pat my butt for the 9th time this morning. Just in case.

6 thoughts on “The Warm Water Butt Club

  1. Susan

    I have had that sensation. When the radiologist was injecting dye into my back so I could have a spinal CT. I, too, thought I had an accident, but no. I remember asking the radiologist why it felt like water was going down the back of my legs and he said stimulation from the dye pressing on the spinal or cauda equine nerves. The sensation went away not long after my CT scan.

    I would have it checked out. Perhaps it could be a signal that you are getting some sensation back which I read could happen many years after a CES injury. Or it could be something going on with your spine above your CES injury.


    1. Mark G Pakulak Post author

      Thanks Beth. If it continues after Christmas, I’ll head back to my Doctor and see what might be going on. Happy Holidays :)

  2. Valerie Cecilia Lindsay

    To Warm Butt from Cold Butt: lol Mark
    I think it may be that some sensation has come back, but just maybe in this weird area. I have been told that from professionals that this can happen and at anytime and anywhere you have numbness. I can truly imagine you are always worried about the accidents, which then can be a real nuisance for awhile until you get use to this feeling too. Stay Warm my friend in Icy Texas! P.S. Also this may have occurred as a result of all the melting ice in Texas!

  3. Belinda

    Greetings! First let me extend best wishes for all to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

    In response to a “warm water butt club”, I unfortunately know exactly what you speak of. I’m not sure of the specifics surrounding your injury, but, because my injury was related to a surgical procedure, I have scar tissue on my nerve roots, which is called Arachnoiditis, and is extremely painful. Other than pain, the sensation of something running down your legs or you’re wet in a particular area is common with Cauda Equina and it’s not too distant relative Arachnoiditis. I will touch my calf or thigh thinking that I’ve had an oops – but I’m dry as a bone.

    Another sensation that is extremely positive is warmth or itching, which is an indicator of nerve regeneration. I was told by my TIRR physicians that your nerves heal at a millimeter per day, so go figure?! I can’t do the math, but that seems to be a heck of a long way back.

    A neurology consult along with a MRI will let you know what’s up. It very well could be positive.

    I have a couple of questions for the group. (if you don’t mind)

    Have you received in-patient therapy or bowel/bladder training through hospitalization?

    If so, was it through a spinal/brain trauma rehabilitation center? If not where?

    Do you feel your physicians or medical team know enough about living with CES that you have the best rehabilitation options available to you?

    The reason I ask, is for information sharing only. I was truly blessed in that I was admitted to TIRR within the first year or my injury and that is a very difficulty place to gain admittance to, due to the tremendous wait time. Patients from as far as France are in line! But because I was an inpatient I remain in outpatient rehab. That being said, I have information that may be of use someone or perhaps if nothing else I could refer.

    Lastly, I want to thank Mark for providing this outlet. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted just to have an arena of people who understand what this is like and are gracious enough to share their time and information.

    Again, Best Wishes – Be Safe and Be Blessed!


    1. Mark G Pakulak Post author

      Thank you Belinda! :) I’ll be sure to have this checked out after the Holidays have passed. I have been diagnosed with Arachnoiditis, with all it’s wonderful pain, but this new warm water sensation is new to me. If it is indeed nerve regeneration, even after 15 years, I’m totally happy with that! It will be interesting to see what the Docs think. I have highlighted your questions, so if anyone out there has an answer or reply, please feel free to comment. Thanks in advance! Everyone have a great day! :)


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